Working Service K-9 training seminars are available to the general public at Baden K9’s facilities near Niagara Falls, in St. Ann’s Ontario.  This unique training program provides dog owners with the opportunity to take their understanding of themselves and their faithful companions to a whole other level.  Baden K-9’s 100 acre facility is complete with classroom, woods, ponds, an obstacle course and repelling tower.  Class sizes are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.





Participants are responsible for their own food and beverages throughout the weekend and accommodations if required Saturday evening.

Space is limited to 25 participants per veekend – sign up soon!

Cost depends on the course outline. There is a $50.00 charge for each additional dog per day.  No observers are permitted unless the daily rate o is observed. All breeds of dogs are welcome.

Professional dog trainers who are interested in attending will be charged an additional fee.  This fee will include a private debrief following each day, to discuss the intended lessons and approach taken.

For more information email, or register on-line. Check the Baden training calendar page for upcoming events.


Working Service K-9 training focuses on developing the natural bond and enhanced communication between dog and handler. Ancient in its origin, this type of training uses the desire for companionship that exists only between the dog and humans. This training uses no trickery or props; no balls, food treats, clickers or towel tugs. Instead, desire to do the given task and knowledge of communication enables the dog’s natural ability to mature freely.

 Actively used in World War I and World War II by the most elite K-9 units, this training method can actually be traced back to a time when swords and spears were used in battle between the Romans and the Huns.  More recently, Working Service training has proven its ability in Search and Rescue (S.A.R.) and is now used as a recovery training method for dogs and handlers around the globe. In Law Enforcement it has similarly proven its value by helping develop effective stable police dogs at the youngest ages ever, as well as explosive and narcotics-detection dogs that cannot be swayed or moved.

Today, with the events of the world ever changing, Working Service training is increasingly being used to answer the call for enhanced personal and family protection – on the streets and in our homes.