Yes. I Believe What The Dog Says. Quotes From The Dogman

This book is a collection of provocative, inspirational, and at times humorous quotes taken from letters and conversations between Mike McConnery, Dogman, and his German mentor, Guenther.

During their time together, Guenther shared with Mike McConnery ancient wisdom about life, man, and the dog, which continues to resonate powerfully today.

Guenther believed that the dog has the capability to judge the character of man.  In Guenther's words:

"I have learned to trust my dogs' opinion of my fellow man more than my own opinion.  They look past the trappings of life deep into the inner being.  They see those things which a smile or pretty face might hide.  They see those things which tattered clothes may conceal.  Yes.  I believe what the dog says."

This provocative quote was the inspiration for this book and is just one of many contained within it.

Paperback - 208 pages

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