Mike McConnery has been featured in numerous media outlets around the globe as well as in Canada – his home country.

Mike’s name attracted particular interest following several newspaper articles in the spring of 2011, concerning the Navy Seals and use of a dog in the raid that targeted Osama bin Laden.  Last summer Mike and his work with Baden K-9 were featured in an article and video by the Globe and Mail.

More recently Mike McConnery has been featured in a number of television shows, such as Breeder of the Pack on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

His newest venture is the BBC reality TV show – Don’t Blame the Dog.  See the Youtube trailer for the series and the Army Dogs Canada trailer.  Watch Episode 3 – Army Dogs Canada.  It showed in the UK on April 25, 2012 and is currently being broadcast across Europe.   Available in Canada through various webTV sites.

To read a newspaper article, watch his Discovery Channel show, or view the Animal Planet or BBC trailer, click on the links above.  A link to the Globe and Mail video is below:




Select photos courtesy of Peter Power, Photographer. Visit his website www.peterpower.ca